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Regal Parchment

Regal Parchment is a fine imitation parchment paper with a distinctive texture, tone and slight translucency giving a classic enhancement to creative design and print. Regal parchment is ideal for certificates, stationery, menus, text and cover work. It is available in 7 distinctive shades and has a complimenting range of DL envelopes.

Fizz Colours

fizz offers a superb choice of 28 different colours together with black and white. fizz is a vat coloured, wood-free, uncoated paper with a matt, non-reflective surface intended for use in the graphics industry. The large choice of colours and grammages provide excellent opportunities to create and strengthen identities and profiles of messages and products. fizz is manufactured from chlorine-free (TCF) virgin pulp, neutrally sized and is resistant to ageing in accordance with ISO 9706. All paper products manufactured by Vida are certified under the PEFC schemes, and all operations at the mill conform to the international standard for environmental management systems ISO 14001.